May Flowers Bloom For Gyūzō Farm! 2 New Gyū-Nō Fes Events Announced!

With the sounds of the octagon speakers at Gyū-Nō Fes Haru no SP – Road to Tochigi 2018(ギュウ農フェス春のSP ロード to 栃木2018)still ringing in the air, Tochigi’s very own Gyūzō returns with a pair of events to close out May 2018!


Gyū-Nō Fes presents Inazuma Headliner(ギュウ農フェス presents 雷ヘッドライナー) commemorates the renewal of RADIO BERRY (FM Tochigi) Gyūzō to Pinokko no Inazuma Headliner(ギュウゾウとPinokkoの雷ヘッドライナー) which was previously known as Gyūzō to Satosaki Risa no Idol☆Punch(ギュウゾウと里咲りさのアイドル☆パンチ!). Taking place at Shibuya Milkyway on May 18th, Gyūzō and Pinokko (the artist formerly known as Satosaki Risa) are Bakuretsu Joshi – BURST GIRL, CLOCK&BOTAN, Gu-Gu LULU, Minna no Kodomo-chan, THE BANANA MONKEYS, and tokiwoikiru.

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BURST GIRL Official site
Minna no Kodomo-chan Official site
Pinokko Offcial site
CLOCK&BOTAN Official site
Gu-Gu LULU Official Twitter
tokiwoikiru Official Twitter

Kirakira☆Gyū-Nō Fes Vol.3(キラキラ☆ギュウ農フェス Vol.3) brightens up Shibuya WWW on May 25th as GANG PARADE, BILLIE IDLE®, Dance for Philosophy, Hakoiri♡Musume, and callme take the stage.

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GANG PARADE Official site
BILLIE IDLE® Official site
Dance for Philosophy Official site
callme Official site
Hakoiri♡Musume Official site

Gyū-Nō Fes presents Inazuma Headliner
(ギュウ農フェス presents 雷ヘッドライナー)

May 18, 2018 (Friday)
Shibuya Milkyway
Presale – 2,400 yen Door – 2,900 yen (+ 1 drink minimum)
Open – 6:00pm Start 6:30pm
Ticket reservation (Japanese only)

Kirakira☆Gyū-Nō Fes Vol.3
(キラキラ☆ギュウ農フェス Vol.3)

May 25, 2018 (Friday)
Shibuya WWW
Presale – 3,500 yen Door – 4,000yen (+ 1 drink minimum)
Open – 6:00pm Start 6:30pm
Buy Tickets ePlus (Japanese only)

Gyū-Nō Fes Official site
Gyū-Nō Fes Official Twitter
Gyū-Nō Fes Official Facebook page
Gyūzō to Pinokko no Inazuma Headliner Official Twitter


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