Breakthrough Groups of 2017: Task have Fun

Task have Fun, the trio of Kumazaki Fūka, Satonaka Natsuki, and Shiraoka Kyōka, made a huge splash on the indies idol scene in 2017.

Task have Fun’s name comes from their concept to taking the tasks (kadai, 課題) of life and making them fun and they have been clearing quite a few since their debut in early 2016.

Their debut single “TASK” was released on May 28, 2016, the same day as their first one-man live at Shinjuku Ruido K4, which saw 142 fans assembling to see them. It’s a pretty impressively produced MV considering that the group came from an agency not well-known for idol groups. On top of that, the music is catchy and more “grown-up” than one would expect from such a young group of performers, putting them in a similar category as groups like sora tob sakana and AmiinA.

Below you can see a live performance of “Itsu Datte Kimi no Soba de” (いつだって君のそばで), the coupling song for “TASK”. It was filmed during their first one-man.

Their second single “Heya no Naka no Tenshi” was released as an event exclusive CD in August of 2016 and while there is no MV for it, there is a live performance clip on their official YouTube channel. A little more rock than their debut single, the video shows another strength of Task have Fun, their choreography is easy for people to follow along with.

“Zenkai! Teenage Riot!!” (全開! Teenage Riot!!”), the coupling song for their third single “Gyutto, Chutto” (ギュッと、チュッと) comes with a live performance video from Shinjuku Ruido K4 in January of 2017.

Task have Fun’s breakthrough fourth single “3WD” was released in May of 2017 and quickly became their calling card, lighting up crowds at taiban (unibus) lives and idol festivals as the summer went on. The combination of infectious funk rock, clean visuals, and energetic choreography made them one of the must-see groups seemingly overnight.

Leading up to Tokyo Idol Festival 2017, where they would heat up 4 of the 7 stages, Task have Fun lit up Idol Koushien Natsu Matsuri 2017 out in Yokohama as shown in the video below by Getnews JP.

Following up on their sold-out one-man live at Shinjuku BLAZE (capacity 800), Task have Fun released the MV for “Marble-iro no Kimochi” in November of 2017. A slower paced ballad, the coupling song to their 5th single “Gensō serenāde”(幻想セレナーデ)showed their versatility.

Coming into 2018, Task have Fun seems poised to check off a long list of achievements. Their 6th single “Kimi Nandakara”(キミなんだから)is a supercharged funky and jazzy tune with choreography that only the most grumpy of people could dislike. It’s like a retro spy movie soundtrack (anyone else hear hints of the Archer theme song?) sequel to “3WD”. The MV is basically a “dance shot” but is it what all “dance shot” videos could be if the production team actually put in some effort?

While many other groups have assembled young women who are cute and/or talented, in the competitive world of Japanese idols, that is not always enough. Task have Fun is a group with both looks and talent but their performances also draw heavily on audience participation. The crowd dances along with them and it doesn’t take more than just following along with what they’re doing on stage either. There’s no problem if an idol group wants to call themselves “a vocal-dance unit” but if they want to sell tickets, music, and merchandise, they also need to move a crowd. Task have Fun does that.

Most of the music is by GUCCHO, who has been working with them even tracing back to Fūka’s former group Pretty Good! (プリティグッド!). Because of that there’s a consistent sound to Task have Fun as opposed to other groups who chase after whatever big names they can get. Hopefully, this does not change in the event that they sign with a major label.

If you missed out on Task have Fun in 2017, don’t make the same mistake in 2018!

Task have Fun Official site

Task have Fun Official Twitter

Task have Fun YouTube channel


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